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In Radiance

At 2220 Arts+Archives

Sat / Oct 14, 2023 - 10:00PM


About this Performance

Heart of Brick is an original theatrical dance and musical production by serpentwithfeet, Wu Tsang, and Raja Feather Kelly that will grace the stage of The Ford on October 21st. This performance is an intimate celebration of Black queer dance club culture through an innovative lens.

To warm up for Heart of Brick, we’re calling you to the dance floor. On October 14th, LA Phil’s Insight, in collaboration with curators Harmony Holiday and Kumi James, will activate a safe space for joyful expression that honors the multi-generational creative spirit of the queer community while reveling in the poetry of bodies in motion. In Radiance is where pulse and rhythm meet the magic moments between the beats—a space for reflection, release, and community-building.

This 21+ event is open to the public with $5 tickets. Registration via the 2220 Arts+Archives website. The event will take place at 2220 Arts+Archives from 10pm-2am.

LA Phil Insight is generously supported by Linda and David Shaheen.

Programs, artists, dates, prices, and availability subject to change. Ticket limits may apply. All sales are final.