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What can I bring?

Food and drink:

  • Patrons are welcome to bring their own food for picnicking in The Ford's entryway gardens, on The Zev or in the seats. During the season, grounds open for pre-show picnicking 90 minutes prior to performances. 

  • Patrons may bring beverages including their own beer and wine. No hard liquor is permitted, except what is for sale by the onsite concessionaire. Bags will be checked at the entrance to the facility.

  • Container size matters. All containers, picnic baskets and coolers must be able to fit under your seats. Containers, picnic baskets and coolers measuring more than 15 inches wide, 12 inches high or 22 inches long won’t be allowed past the tickets gate.

Please note: Patrons who consume alcoholic beverages must do so in a responsible manner; The Ford reserves the right to eject anyone who appears to be intoxicated.

Other prohibited items:

  • Smoking of any kind (includes E-Cigarettes, Vaping). Please also see smoking policy below.

  • Weapons are not allowed.

  • No cameras with detachable or extended lenses.

  • No form of camera stand (including monopods).

  • No selfie sticks.

  • No audio/video recording devices.

  • No laser pointers or glow sticks.

  • No drones.

  • No umbrellas.

  • No signs.

  • No electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, and laptops.

Please read our safety information to learn about our enhanced policies and procedures designed to provide a safe environment for all.

Safety Information

Customer Code of Conduct

The Ford attendees are responsible for their own conduct – as well as the conduct of their guests or persons using their tickets. Venue staff strive to maintain an atmosphere where all in attendance can enjoy the event. Attendees and their guests in violation of the Customer Code of Conduct may be subject to ejection without a refund, arrest, and/or loss of ticket privileges for future events.

If someone’s behavior around you becomes disruptive or violates the Customer Code of Conduct, you can report the incident to the nearest usher or security person or simply text “THEFORD” to our Courtesy Concern Line on 69050.

Our staff are trained to intervene when necessary and to use their best discretion to ensure attendees who ignore the Customer Code of Conduct don’t interfere with others’ enjoyment of the event.

  • Be respectful of patrons and staff.
  • Refrain from using foul/offensive language, fighting, obscene gestures, throwing objects and engaging in other behavior detrimental to the experience of other patrons.
  • Avoid blocking the view of other patrons.
  • Don't interfere with the event or the performers in any way.
  • Don't stand on seats or any other building structure.
  • Don't block the aisles.
  • Don’t occupy a seat or remain in an area for which you don’t possess a valid ticket. (You must show staff your ticket if they request it at any time during the event.)
  • Don't jump on the stage.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner.
  • Comply with requests from staff regarding the venue’s operational and emergency procedures.


In deference to the artists and the audience, latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the house staff at an appropriate pause in the program. Also, those who leave the performance may not be re-admitted until an appropriate break or at intermission.


To report an incident discreetly during an event, use the Customer Courtesy Line by texting 'THEFORD' to 69050.

The Ford has implemented metal detectors to enhance the safety and enjoyment of everyone. The metal detectors are at all entrance points. Before passing through the detectors, all bags, hats, cell phones, cameras and any large metal items need to be removed and shown to attendants. Belts, coins, keys, and wallets on the other hand can stay on your person or in your pockets.

Cell Phones & Photography

As a courtesy to the artists and your neighbors, please silence all cell phones and noise emitting devices.

Snapping photos of yourself and your friends before the show, during intermission and after the show is encouraged. Tag us! However, for the safety of the artists, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY during the show. Using the camera on your cell phone is encouraged, please leave your professional cameras (specifically ones with detachable or extendable lenses) at home.


Professional photography and sound or video recording is prohibited without advance written permission. Offenders may be ejected and liable for damages. To request permission, call 323 850 2060.

Your use of a ticket constitutes acknowledgement of willingness to appear in photographs, video and film taken in public areas of The Ford and releases The Ford, its lessees and all others from liability resulting from use of such images.

Smoking Policy

Owned by the County of Los Angeles, The Ford is a smoke-free facility. Due to the hazard of brush fires, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds of The Ford, including the parking lots. Smoking is permitted on the sidewalk along Cahuenga Blvd., once completely off of County property. Violators are subject to ejection. We appreciate your cooperation.

Lost and Found

Articles will be held at the House Manager's office until the end of the performance. Thereafter please contact the Hollywood Bowl Operations Office at 323 850 2060.