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House Rules

Everything you need to know about what to expect and what you can bring.

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Dining & Picnicking

Bring your own picnic or pick up your meal from Bodega Terrace & Bev or local curated offerings in the Grab & Go Market. Dine in our entryway gardens, on the new terrace, or in your seat.

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Seating Chart

Map out where you'll be seated.


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Venue Map

See an overview of The Ford's grounds.

Plan Ahead

Venue Guide

Whether you’re new to the venue or a seasoned attendee, our venue guide has what you need to get ready for the season.

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Accessibility Info

The Ford is committed to making its events accessible to all who wish to enjoy all aspects of the performing arts.

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Digital Tickets

Tickets at The Ford have gone paperless.

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Mobile App

Our app allows you to browse concerts and program notes, scan your tickets at the gate, and order food at the show.

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