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If you need to reach one of our staff members, please contact our administrative offices at 213 972 7300.

Chad Smith Chief Executive Officer, David C. Bohnett Chief Executive Officer Chair
Paula Michea Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer


  • Renae Williams Niles Chief Content & Engagement Officer

  • Summer Bjork Chief of Staff

  • Margie Kim Chief Philanthropy Officer

  • Emanuel Maxwell Chief Talent and Equity Officer

  • Mona Patel General Counsel

  • Daniel Song Chief Operating Officer

  • Karen Sturges Chief Financial Officer


  • Nora Brady Vice President, Marketing and Communications

  • Laura Connelly General Manager, Hollywood Bowl; Vice President, Production

  • Cynthia Fuentes Director, The Ford

  • Elsje Kibler-Vermaas Vice President, Learning

  • Meghan Martineau Vice President, Artistic Planning

  • Johanna Rees Vice President, Presentations

  • Julia Ward Director, Humanities


  • Jason Abbott Assistant, Office Services

  • Michael Chang Database Administrator

  • Alex Hernandez Manager, Office Services

  • Kevin Higa Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

  • Dean Hughes System Support III

  • Charles Koo Infrastructure Manager

  • Kristina Louie HR Manager

  • Melissa Magdaleno HR Coordinator

  • Jeff Matchan Director, Information Technology

  • Sergio Menendez System Support I

  • Angela Morrell Tessitura Support

  • Frank Patano Benefits Manager

  • Sean Pinto Database Applications Manager

  • Miguel Ponce System Support I

  • Chris Prince Tessitura Support

  • Aly Zacharias Staff Attorney


  • Kristen Flock-Ritchie Programming Manager 

  • Brian Grohl Program Manager, Pops / Manager, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

  • Ljiljana Grubisic Archives and Museum Director

  • Christine Lim Artistic Administrator

  • Daniel Mallampalli Programming Manager

  • Maren Quanbeck Manager, Artist Services

  • Meredith Reese Digital Asset Manager

  • Ayrten Rodriguez Senior Program Manager

  • Ebner Sobalvarro Assistant to the Music and Artistic Director 


  • Jyoti Aaron Controller

  • Adriana Aguilar Payroll Administrator

  • Steven Cao Accounting Manager

  • Katherine Franklin Venue Operations Accountant

  • Shoaib Ghafoor Senior Accountant

  • Lisa Hernandez Accounts Payable Manager

  • LaTonya Lindsey Accounts Payable Coordinator

  • Debbie Marcelo Financial Planning Manager

  • Wade Mueller Payroll Manager

  • Kristine Nichols Payroll Coordinator

  • Yuri Park Financial Planning Analyst

  • Nina Phay Payroll Administrator

  • Lisa Renteria Accounts Payable Specialist

  • Sierra Shultz Staff Accountant


  • Rafael Marino Concert Manager, The Ford


  • Steve Arredondo Transit Manager

  • Angelina Grego Operations Administrator

  • Norm Kinard Parking/Transit Manager

  • Mark Ladd Associate Director, Operations

  • Gina Leoni Operations Manager, The Ford

  • Patrice Lozano Event Manager

  • Edgar Tom Director, Hollywood Bowl Operations

  • Tom Waldron Operations Manager, Hollywood Bowl


    • Emily Bourne Associate Director, Learning

    • Anthony Crespo Program Manager, YOLA at Torres

    • Camille Delaney-McNeil Director, Beckmen YOLA Center

    • Fabian Fuertes Senior Manager, YOLA

    • Julie Hernandez Facilities Manager, Beckmen YOLA Center

    • Lorenzo Johnson Program Manager, YOLA at Inglewood

    • Diana Melgar Assistant Manager, YOLA

    • Gaudy Sanchez YOLA Artistic Administrator

    • Stephen Smith Manager, YOLA


    • Mary Allen Social Media Manager

    • Lushia Anson Marketing and Communications Coordinator

    • Scott Arenstein Director, Digital

    • Janice Bartczak Director, Retail Services

    • Lisa Burlingham Director, Marketing

    • Charles Carroll Manager, Marketing Communications

    • Joe Carter Director, Sales and Customer Experience

    • Toi Duckworth Digital Operations Manager

    • Elias Feghali Associate Director, Audience Growth & Engagement
    • Justin Foo Assistant Director, Sales and Customer Engagement

    • Tara Gardner Manager, Digital Marketing

    • Paul Gibson Creative Copywriter

    • Annisha Hinkle Senior Manager, Promotions and Partnerships

    • Jennifer Hoffner Senior Advertising Manager

    • Linda Holloway Patron Services Manager

    • Sophie Jefferies Director, Public Relations

    • Alexis Kaneshiro Graphic Designer

    • Brant Markley Manager, Revenue Strategies and Analytics

    • Jediah McCourt Manager, Corporate Partnerships

    • Ricky O'Bannon Director, Content

    • Erin Puckett Marketing Coordinator, Promotion and Partnerships

    • Andrew Radden Director, Corporate Partnerships

    • Tristan Rodman Digital Producer

    • Richard Rubio Audience Services Manager

    • Martin Sartini Garner Creative Copywriter

    • Mary Smudde Art Director

    • Natalie Suarez Creative Director

    • Kahler Suzuki Video Producer

    • Jonathan Thomas Marketing Database Specialist

    • Lauren Winn Senior Project Manager, Creative Services


    • Shana Bey Director, Orchestra Management

    • Jessica Farber Associate Director, Media Initiatives

    • Raymond Horwitz Project Manager, Media Initiatives


    • Isabella Gorden Production Associate

    • Tina Kane Scheduling Manager

    • Kimberly Mitchell Production Manager

    • Alex Rehberger Production Manager

    • Christopher Slaughter Production Manager

    • Michael Vitale Director, Production

    • Kelvin Vu Technical Director

    • Bill Williams Production Administrator


    • Robert Albini Director of Major Gifts 

    • Joshua Alvarenga Senior Major Gifts Officer

    • Malorie Barbee Associate Director, Annual Fund/Membership

    • Julia Cole Director, Institutional Giving and Stewardship

    • Victoria Dinu Major Gifts Officer

    • Chelsea Downes Annual Fund Officer

    • Valeri Estrada Philanthropy Operations Specialist

    • Elan Fields Gift & Data Specialist

    • Genevieve Goetz Gift Planning Officer

    • Jeffery Glover Assistant Manager, Annual Fund

    • Gerry Heise Senior Major Gifts Officer

    • Madison Huckaby Assistant Manager, Special Events

    • Julian Kehs Manager, Institutional Giving

    • Sara Kim Vice President of Philanthropy

    • Anita Lawson Director, Philanthropy Operations

    • Christina MagaƱa Donor Relations Associate

    • Allison Mitchell Director of Board Relations

    • Alan Alejandro Prieto Senior Coordinator, Major Gifts

    • Susan Erburu Reardon Director, Gift Planning

    • Carina Sanchez Senior Manager, Research and Prospect Development

    • Erica Sitko Director of Stewardship and Principal Gift Strategy

    • Peter Szumlas Senior Manager, Philanthropy Operations and Analytics

    • Tyler Teich Gift and Data Specialist

    • Derek Traub Manager, Philanthropy Communications

    • Kevin Tsao Annual Fund Coordinator

    • Morgan Walton Manager, Special Events

    • Richard T. Watkins Associate Director, Philanthropy