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  • Nov. 9, 2020
  • Friday, November 13, 2020, at 10AM

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    LA Phil Media supported by the David C. Bohnett Discovery & Innovation Fund.




    The eighth episode of SOUND/STAGE, the LA Phil’s series of concert films, features L.A.’s own genre-defying Chicano Batman in their Hollywood Bowl debut, Friday, November 13, at 10am.

    The sound of Chicano Batman has never fit into a particular box – the band is often described through their influences, which range from 1960s Brazilian Tropicália and Delfonics-style soul to Afro-Cuban rumbas and the funk-jazz of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters period. Their SOUND/STAGE performance presents a set of six songs drawing from their new album Invisible People that demonstrates their eclectic and expansive range.

    A guest essay by Walter Thompson-Hernández, featured on the site, shares how the band evokes memories of someone from his past, his best friend’s older, cooler brother. The essay is accompanied by art created by Thompson-Hernández’ friend Lila Ash, an illustrator for The New Yorker.

    Also featured on the site is an online conversation with the band in which they talk about their cross-cultural influences, the beauty of art and how songwriting is a way of creating your own reality. The band also provides a playlist highlighting their favorite Hollywood Bowl performances, further illustrating the eclecticism of their own interests and the Bowl’s programming.

    Additionally presented on the site is Solidarity for Sanctuary, one of The Ford’s Digital Festivals, which brought together the artists following in Chicano Batman’s footsteps to perform and promote immigrant rights, voting and Black and Brown solidarity.

    All SOUND/STAGE performances were filmed outdoors at the Hollywood Bowl under strict adherence to public health guidelines, with all performers maintaining social distance.



    Chicano Batman

    Includes an interview with the artists, an essay by Walter Thompson-Hernández, and The Ford Digital Festival Solidarity for Sanctuary.

    Additional programming information for upcoming episodes will be announced.


    WHEN:            November 13, 2020, at 10AM


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