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Composed: 2016

About this Piece

Pulse was a sound action on an urban, collective, and feminist scale. It consisted of the journey of more than 200 women through the Mexico City Metro, beating drums that generated a sound like a flow that simultaneously referred to memory and the present. With their hands stained with scarlet cochineal, the women, organized in groups, traveled from end to end along the twelve subway lines, getting off at all stations to play the drums (pre-Hispanic ‘teponaztlis’ drums and Tarahumara drums) until the arrival of the next train, and so on until the end of the route, generating a kind of pulse of the city, of the underground and of the water (there is a coincidence between the hydrographic basin of the Valley of Mexico and the layout of the Metro lines). From the recording of the performance, a three-channel video installation was created.