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About this Piece

The Flower (2019-20) is a four-movement quartet that tells the life of a flower. The piece uses extended techniques such as touched-fourth harmonics, scratch tones, hand percussion, harmonics (flute), and singing while playing (flute). The first movement, “The Ground,” starts the story with the seed being moved through the air, carried by the wind, then finally landing and resting into the ground. “The Bud” continues the story with the seed beginning to grow. The roots are growing deeper into the ground, and a bud is sprouting. The movement ends with the beginning of a light rain. “The Storm” is the climax of the piece. Here there is lighting and thunder. The conclusion of the story, “The Bloom and Wither,” opens with the blooming of the flower. This section is short, and as the movement continues, the leaves begin to wilt. The flower is left withering into dust.

—KiMani Bridges