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About this Piece

The story of the creation of Silent Night has become almost as much a part of Christmas lore as St. Nicholas or the Christmas Tree. While the true history of the song may not be as miraculous as is often recounted, the tender and touching melody by Franz Gruber (1787-1863), paired with Joseph Mohr’s (1792-1848) simple and evocative text, has become something miraculous for the way it conveys a universal sense of the Christmas spirit to people all over the world. Of the original six verses, three are presented in this version, by Irish composer and conductor Michael McGlynn. McGlynn is best known as director and founder of the world-renowned Irish choral group, Anúna. His compositional style reflects that unique and ancient culture, combining contemporary, traditional, and ancient musical elements. Incidentally, McGlynn’s arrangement was one of the carols featured in the 2001 CD, Christmas with Chanticleer, featuring special guest Dawn Upshaw.