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Length: c. 15 minutes

About this Piece

Daniel Allas is a composer of instrumen- tal and electronic music. His recent work researches performative interpretation, the physicality of sound, and the poetics  of musical signifiers. Daniel has collabo- rated with many performers and music groups, including the Los Angeles Philhar- monic, Peter Evans and the International Contemporary Ensemble, wild Up, and the Lydian String Quartet, among others. His music has been performed at the Next on Grand Festival, So Percussion Summer Academy, and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s 2015 Composer Institute. He was born in Boston and now lives in Los Angeles.

“I like to write music that contains some level of instability. For me, this instability symbolizes the imperfect, the flawed. I also like to think of my pieces as reflections of catharsis, building to an emotional moment that leads to peace (perhaps overcoming an internal definition of imperfection).

And recently I have found myself seeking out sparsity in music, reducing material to only what is essential. This refining has many meanings to me; related to notions of truth, the divine, and the ineffable. In all this, I am searching for a music that offers much in spite of how little attention it demands.” —Daniel Allas