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About this Piece

The Warsaw Concerto was written by Richard Addinsell to play a key role in the 1941 film Dangerous Moonlight (also known as Suicide Squadron). Addinsell was a British composer who spent much of his creative energies on works for the stage and screen. His initial work came from incidental scores for theater and radio, but he eventually developed a career scoring feature films. His first major success was Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939), but his most iconic score was certainly Dangerous Moonlight. The plot of the film focuses on Polish pianist and composer Stefan Radetzky, who has been forced to take refuge in England during the Second World War. Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto is featured prominently in the film as a piece written and performed by the character Radetzky. The film-makers wanted a work in the style of Rachmaninoff, and they originally approached him to write the piece. Rachmaninoff declined and the task was given to Addinsell. His themes are brilliant and capture the essence of the romantic piano concerto. Often overlooked, however, is the fine contribution of the orchestrations, which were done by Roy Douglas. Running about nine minutes, Addinsell's miniature concerto was a hit with movie-goers and music-lovers. The piece has been recorded more than 100 times with its sales exceeding 5 million.

- Composer John Glover is the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Publications Assistant.