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About this Piece

Lauded as one of the greatest composers in France by his contemporaries, Hérold found most of his success in the theater. He was one of the few composers to sustain himself without ever teaching at the Conservatoire, working instead in various posts at opera houses in Paris while receiving commissions. Although often struggling with the problem of poor libretti, Hérold had many popular successes both with operas and ballets. His masterpiece Zampa was written during the last years of his life and was extremely successful with audiences both inside and outside of France. As with many of his works, it reveals Hérold's deep influence from German composers like Weber, making him unique among French operatic composers of his time. With its quick transitions between numerous bold and striking musical ideas, the overture to Zampa has ventured outside of the orchestra pit and found a secure place in the concert hall.

- Composer John Glover is the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Publications Assistant.