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Tina Campbell of Mary Mary

About this Artist

Known to much of the world as one half of the gospel duo Mary Mary, Tina Campbell is an accomplished and awarded singer & song writer. She's achieved a lifetime of success with numerous awards won and millions of records sold in about a decade and a half alongside her sister, Erica Campbell, the other half of Mary Mary.

As God and life would have it, she has now moved to the forefront to share new solo music, an new book, and a one woman stage presentation, that explores the journey of how the most dreadful test became the most beautiful testimony.

She had to rely on her faith through some of life's most overwhelming challenges and because of her faith she was able to overcome them. In light of this, sharing her faith with the world through singing, writing, and speaking has become her greatest passion. Tina explains "When God chooses you and places you before the world to represent him, it could be considered burdensome, but im honored that he chose me to be one of his representatives on this earth. I intend to do it well cause i love what i do but most importantly, i love who i do it for. Wouldnt trade it for nothin!"

Tina Campbell is also the proud wife of Teddy Campbell and the proud mother of 5 children. She says "Of all that my life has consisted of, my greatest accomplishment is my healthy happy family, that prays together and stays together through it all. I've graced many stages, podiums, and pulpits, and with all of that considered, I still derive my greatest joy from shining at home.