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Bloco Obini

About this Artist

Bloco Obini is a dynamic all-Queens drum ensemble, founded by percussionist, Kahlil Cummings. Using the universal language of art to articulate contemporary issues, Bloco Obini captivates audiences with its exhilarating Afro-Brazilian Bloco Style drumming. Their performances feature uplifting melodies and lyrics that celebrate our innate royalty, reminding us of our regal lineage. 

More than just a musical group, Bloco Obini symbolizes the empowerment not only of women but of an entire generation. They wield their drums as spiritual instruments, fostering healing, education, and community service, both locally and globally. In a world fraught with division, Bloco Obini recognizes the transformative power of the Ayan Agalu drum spirit and its capacity to bring people together, fostering healing and unity. Through their performances and outreach efforts, Bloco Obini tackles pressing societal issues, serving as catalysts for awareness and change.

Comprising mothers, daughters, artists, activists, healers, teachers, and students, Bloco Obini embodies a collective commitment to preserving and promoting culture. They are more than just a group; they are  a unit—a steadfast anchor in our ever-evolving civilization and a guiding beacon for humanity's conscience.