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Inner Wave

About this Artist

Last September 30th marked the 17th anniversary of the first rehearsal of what we now know as LA-based band Inner Wave. Its founding trio—composed of Pablo Sotelo, Elijah Trujillo (guitar), and Jean Pierre Narvaez (bass, vox)—set off as middle schoolers with a certain kind of gusto, and they’ve never forgotten it. Now in their 20s, Inner Wave is in its tightest formation yet. With the addition of drummer Luis Portillo and keyboardist Jose Cruz, its members feel more musically connected and confident than ever before.

Out in September 2021, the quintet's fourth LP Apoptosis is a trip into the band’s familiar realm of electronic, soul, and garage-rock. This time, however, the details are especially intricate; Apoptosis is experimental yet intentional. It is far-fetched in theory, but not out of reach in its final presentation. The LP name is derived from a biological term for the death of cells, Sotelo explains. Like their recent tribulation and renewal, the process of apoptosis is normal—part of an organism’s development.

Last year, the band toured 19 cities across the U.S. as part of their headline Jukebox Tour, played to hundreds of adoring fans in China, and supported Interpol in New Haven and Montréal. They also teamed up with Bob Junior to release their single “All In Vain” in November and recently celebrated the 10th-year-anniversary of their album “III” with a special performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles. As we head into 2024, fans can expect new music and more exciting news to come from the band.