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Ruth Cameron

About this Artist

RUTH CAMERON, who hails from Vancouver, Canada, spent over 13 years in Europe, primarily in Germany performing and producing theater with many of Germany’s emerging artists such as Marianne Saegebrecht. She left Germany for Los Angeles to study with the legendary coach Stella Adler and began to work with the late director Reza Abdoh. In 1984 Cameron married bassist Charlie Haden and took a break from theater to manage Haden. She was instrumental in forming Haden’s very successful group Quartet West. For several years, Cameron’s vocal mentor was the reclusive singer-turned-vocal-coach Jeri Southern, who had influenced many of the cool singers in the ’50s such as June Christy, Peggy Lee, and Anita O’Day. Southern’s emotional honesty and vocal style connected deeply with Cameron’s intimate and immediate approach that came from theater. Cameron continued her training with vocal coach Sue Raney, another important singer with an immense technique. In 2000 Cameron released her second album, Roadhouse on Verve, as a follow-up to her 1999 First Songs EP. Continuing all the while to manage and produce, Cameron received a Latin Grammy in 2004 as producer for Best Latin Jazz Album, Land of the Sun. Cameron is currently performing with the Haden Family Band and preparing her next CD. Her latest project as producer is Charlie Haden’s recently released Rambling Boy on Decca.