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Zebulon Ellis

About this Artist

To share the power and ministry of music has always been, not just a mission for Zebulon Ellis, but his calling. He definitely fulfilled this call on the 8th, Allstar season of Sunday Best! 

BET's popular program, Sunday Best, introduced the world to this powerhouse vocalist, when on season 2 Zeb finished in the top 4. But on season 8’s All Star season, he finished as the season’s runner up.

This church boy at heart has already blazed a trail working on some pretty big stages and with some of music's most notable artist. He sings and he acts. Some remember him starring as "Pastor Walker" in Tyler Perry's "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned".

This son of a Baptist preacher and hard working corporate mother started a group, while acquiring his BA in Theology at Morehouse College, that appeared in the motion picture, Fighting Temptations….alongside Beyoncé, Shirley Caesar and Cuba Gooding Jr.

This East Point native is humbled to have had opportunities to share his gift on Bravo TV's viewing of  NeNe Leakes wedding, where he was the featured soloist on his own arrangement of "The Lords Prayer", with The See It Choir, of which he is Musical Director.

After many years of training under the hand of his grandfather Cameron M. Alexander, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church North, and his Father Rev. Zebulon Ellis Sr, Pastor of Browns Mill Park Baptist Church, Ellis realizes that beyond any accolade or accomplishment, he is more than a minister, artist, or musical mind. 

He is a man that has overcome defeat, abuse, misunderstanding, failure, bullying, low self esteem, and much like everyone else in this world, trying to find their place in life, love and acceptance. 

And much like the Hebrew meaning of his name, Zebulon, TO GIVE HONOR TO, he chooses to give honor to God through his mission to share hope, and to relate one song at a time, with those who can hear or see him as a testament to overcoming struggle and finding their destiny, within God's Perfect Will. 

His song will always point to something bigger than what the human experience can grasp or contain. His song will always point to love. And since God is love, his song will always point to God!