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Giovanni Maucere

About this Artist

Actor Giovanni Maucere, born and raised in California, is a Deaf artist with a notable career in performing arts. Growing up using American Sign Language (ASL), he participated in a deaf film at the age of 10. He later joined a musical performing arts troupe in Indiana, where he performed for several years.

After a hiatus, Giovanni pursued an education at Gallaudet University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in ASL and Deaf Studies. His thirst for knowledge led him to a Master’s degree in Linguistics. He then became a music deaf interpreter, providing sign language interpretation at concerts across the United States for various artists.

Returning to acting, Giovanni found a digital platform on social media, where he portrayed deaf culture in short skits and covered songs in ASL. His work extended to short advertisements, the music video Biblical by Calum Scott, and collaborations with Disney Music and Deaf West Theatre.

In addition to his performances, Giovanni serves as an ASL Coach, using his educational background to contribute to various projects. His journey showcases a dedication to both academia and the arts.