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Xavier Puig

About this Artist

Born in 1973 in Cervera (Lleida), Catalonia, Xavier Puig (Choir Director) began his musical studies with the piano and violin at the Municipal Conservatory in his native town, broadening his musical education at the Professional Conservatory of Badalona. He began orchestral conducting with Salvador Mas at the Barcelona Conservatory; in 1999, he was accepted into Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts, where he completed his orchestral conducting studies with Leopold Hager.

In 2018, Puig was appointed Conductor of the Vallès Symphonic Orchestra and Principal Director of the Cor de Cambra of the Palau de la Música Catalana. He also directs the Girona Orchestra and the Enric Granados Auditorium Chamber Choir in Lleida.

Puig teaches Orchestra and Conducting at the Catalonia Higher School of Music (ESMUC) and has directed the conducting course for the Terrassa 48 Orchestra since 2017. He has filmed the work of Catalan composers and various educational programs for Catalonia’s TV3. He was artistic director for the first six iterations of the Cervera Easter Festival, dedicated to Catalan classical music, which he founded in 2011.