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About this Artist

Siobhan is a 17-year-old senior at her performing arts high school with a focus in piano and music technology. Siobhan studies piano with Dr. Ming Tsu and has been composing for several years. Siobhan began composing music in middle school and has since taken classes in contemporary analysis/theory, and composition at her high school. She is most passionate about composing and programming music for films and games and enjoys composing for chamber groups and vocalists. Siobhan has written music for films submitted to the Sundown Film Festival at her high school, and her most recent work won “Best Film” at the 2023 festival. They are an active participant in academics at school, having won awards in physics and English, and hope to continue composition alongside academic studies post-high school. Siobhan also studies music technology at her high school and produces electronic music in school and on her own.