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About this Artist

Harrison is a rising young composer and multi-instrumentalist. He currently attends high school in Corona, CA. His musical journey began when he started piano when he was young, then learned to play the tuba in middle school and bass trombone in high school. He was selected for SCSBOA honor bands on both tuba and bass trombone and has performed with the All-State Symphony Orchestra. He has performed with the Claremont and Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestras. He has also played alto, bass, and contrabass clarinet in regional honor bands.

He has composed numerous works for wind ensemble, one symphony for wind ensemble, orchestral works and arrangements, and solo pieces for piano. An arrangement of his was premiered his high school’s marching band as part of their 2022 field show. One of Harrison’s goals as a composer is to help enrich the ever-growing wind ensemble and band repertoire.