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Estanislao Maqueos

About this Artist

Born in San Andres Solaga, Oaxaca, Estanislao Maqueos began working as director and founder of bands in 1995. After only 18 years of residing in Los Angeles, California, Maqueos has formed various bands, founded a musical academy, and trained hundreds of musicians from Oaxaca, from other states in Mexico, as well as other countries. In 2005 he formed the academy Maqueos Music, where he is currently offering music classes to the community of Southern California. Here, students learn to play woodwind and brass instruments, such as the trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, and flute, as well as percussion instruments. Maqueos also specializes in forming bands. Maqueos Music Academy’s mission is to support music and to create a space where all children, teens and adults in Southern California can find a safe pastime while preserving their culture through music. Through this work, this institution emphasizes the importance of discipline, patience, and dedication.