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Shaquelle Charles


About this Artist

Shaquelle Charles is an Afro-Caribbean solo artist-choreographer who obtained his B.F.A in dance at Marymount Manhattan College with a concentration in ballet. With an aptitude in numerous forms of art; photography, film, and choreography-- Shaquelle orchestrates intimate moments drawn on human connection and the external factors of the world which connects us all. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Shaquelle focuses his efforts on utilizing the physicality of his ballet technique, incorporated with the body’s individual history to extend a sui generis experience for the audience. He gives credence to the body as a source of history and proceeds to pull from these histories and experiences to connect the audience with his movements. Based in New York, Shaquelle has performed with the Metropolitan Opera, gone onto choreograph and performed at La Biennale de Venezia 15th international dance festival under the direction of Wayne Mcgregor. Shaquelle continues to freelance and return as a guest artist for NY-based companies like Mark Morris Dance project and Dianne McIntyre’s Sounds in Motion, all while continuing his choreographic endeavors.