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Maqueos Music Oaxacan Brass Band

About this Artist

Founded in the early 2005 by Oaxacan native Estanislao Maqueos, Maqueos Music Academy has been the gathering place for many generations of young musicians from Oaxaca in California, who have been proudly representing México over 16 years to the broader audiences of the USA, and particularly have had a great positive impact in the Los Angeles community. The mission of Maqueos Music Academy is to impel music, create a place where children, young people ages 5 to 20 can find a safe space to learn to play a wide array of instruments, discipline, patience, dedication, and to preserve and expand their culture through music. Estanislao Maqueos also formed the first youth philharmonic band in the United States made up of first generation Oaxaqueños in America, and assembled multiple various philharmonic bands who serve the community at large.

Through the years Maqueos Philharmonic Band has performed with important venues and cultural institutions in Los Angeles such as LACMA, LA Phil, and REDCAT,  to name a few, as well as collaborated with international musicians such as Susana Harp, Lorenzo Negrete, and Lila Downs. They have been under the direction of worldwide known directors such as Baltazar Chavarria from the conservatory of Mexico, Pedro Miguel Fajardo from the Canary Islands of Spain, and have had the privilege to be part of a course and perform with Faustino Diaz, considered one of the best musicians and best trombonist of the world. Maqueos Music Academy, Maqueos Music Philharmonic Band, and the numerous bands that have been born within the walls of the Academy, located in Koreatown, are of the utmost importance in preserving traditional Oaxacan culture, music, and values for hundreds of children that have pass through its doors, bringing pride to the community and representing Mexico in the United States in the highest level of performance. 

Photo credit: Laura Pardo Photography