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Jason Kim

Chef, Forage

About this Artist

Since 2010, Jason Kim’s commitment to you is to make seasonal, delicious, affordable, high-quality food a part of your life, again and again at Forage in Silverlake. There, he shares his hopes and vision: how to maintain an authentic relationship with food that is good on every level. We search for the middle ground between the inaccessible and the inedible because we want to rediscover a sustainable and healthy love affair with food that is simple, real, and good to eat. Forage is family-owned and locally run and seeks those same qualities from the people who provide them with the food that they serve to us.

At Forage, they select the best of the market from local farmers they’ve known for years, and they invite the best of the backyard from their friends and neighbors who care as much as they do about making conscious food choices. Jason believes that together our collective passion for living well and eating well will inspire people to see that we all already hold the keys to reclaiming the simple joys of good food. The answers are around us -- in our local farms and farmers, in our backyard gardens and fruit trees, and in our daily acts that support sensible choices.