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Reign Morton

About this Artist

Reign Morton is known as a vocalist, actor, activist and all around visionary in regards to arts. Born in Portsmouth Virginia he entered into the US Army where he served overseas for multiple tours. Afterwards he moved to Los Angeles and became inspired to study acting. He began having recurring roles on shows like “Clean House,” “Hilton Head Isle” and the role of Eddie Murphy on the movie “Whitney.” He was most notable for his role as Cassius Kibedeaux on ABCs “General Hospital” which aided in him achieving a Daytime Emmy award for Best Cast Performance his first year. Alongside acting he has received mentorship from Stevie Wonder while also traveling to countries such as France, Canada, and Osaka to aid in curating his own voice. He presently uses his voice as a tool to inspire people to have positive energy at protests which has shifted him into the light as a community leader.