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Giovanna Dan

About this Artist

Giovanna Dan was raised in Los Angeles with Argentine tango flowing through her veins. As the daughter of legendary dancer and Forever Tango star Zita Gonzalez, Giovanna inherited a passion for dance, beginning her formal education at the age of 4. Giovanna stayed close to her cultural roots by dancing Argentine folk, eventually deciding to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue tango. With the goal of preserving and promoting Argentine culture, Giovanna took a special interest in Argentine Folk Dancing and became one of the first women to specialize in the boleadoras Gaucho Act. With extensive training in various dance styles,Giovanna expanded her knowledge into the realm of dance theory by earning a Bachelor's degree in Dance Studies from UCLA. Giovanna has performed globally in various tango and folklore productions with Master Gaucho Productions, Tango Macho, Tango Buenos Aires, and Tango Under the Stars with the LA Philharmonic Symphony. Giovanna's current work is dedicated to developing projects with GD Tango, performing, and teaching around the world.