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GD Tango

About this Artist

GD Tango represents the partnership of dancers Guillermo De Fazio and Giovanna Dan. The Argentine Tango duo, hailing from Buenos Aires, joined forces after bonding over their shared experience of being raised by artistic families, as both spent their childhoods immersed in music and the unique expressions of Argentina's culture. While Giovanna grew up behind theatre curtains watching her tango dancer mother and musician father on the stages of the world, Guillermo, son of a classical pianist, learned multiple disciplines at his grandmother's Academy of Argentine Arts and Culture in Buenos Aires. With tango performance art as a part of their heart and soul, the duo has been showcasing their talents around the world together since 2015, and is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to promoting and teaching Argentine tango in the United States, Guillermo and Giovanna also create their own productions and perform at global events. Their work has taken them all across the U.S. as well as South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. GD Tango most recently completed a show residency at La Casa del Tango in Dubai, and also performed at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Symphony for a nationally broadcast PBS special. The pair has choreographed commercials and TV projects in Los Angeles, and dance frequently on Spanish language television for Telemundo and Univision. Guillermo and Giovanna continue to grow their enterprise and perform their signature project, an independently produced and award-winning show called "Once Upon a Tango."

They are currently the directors and choreographers of the touring show "Tango Argentina" by GD Tango and Fabrizio Mocata Quartet.