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Yulissa Maqueos

About this Artist

Yulissa Maqueos is a talented musician and band director who draws inspiration from her Oaxacan roots. Music played a crucial role in Yulissa’s life since her birth in San Andrés Solaga, Oaxaca, Mexico. Yulissa’s father worked as a farmworker as a means to sustain his family, but his true calling was to be a musician and music instructor, which he actualized in the town’s municipal band. Unbeknownst to them, this work would plant the seed for Yulissa’s future. Yulissa, a DACA student, graduated with a Bachelor of Music from CSULA, currently and proudly functions today as Band director at Maqueos Music, a role not often filled by women. Maqueos is excited to help expand her father’s academy and bring wider visibility to the Oaxacan community. She prefers not to limit her dreams and welcomes the opportunities that come her way.

Photo credit: Laura Pardo Photography