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José Tanaka

About this Artist

Born in Kyoto, Japan and raised by a family steeped in the Flamenco arts, José Tanaka has been performing since childhood, first as an electric guitarist in rock bands and then, at the age of 24, returning to Flamenco and furthering his studies in Seville and Madrid, where he polished his technique studying with the masters and developed his soniquete (groove) and aire (feel) playing the guitar everyday amongst the gypsies. Tanaka returns to Spain frequently for inspiration. 

Tanaka’s versatility as well as his virtuosity is rare among guitarists today. He shows impressive facility on the acoustic and electric guitars with both finger picking and plectrum technique. His Flamenco guitar styling are dictated by the situation—Tanaka is equally at home accompanying both authentic and popular flamenco styles.  

José Tanaka has toured throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan and performed in many well-known venues, including the Hollywood Bowl, Acropolis in Athens, and Tarantos in Barcelona. José performed as a soloist with the Passion Latina Tour in France, Monte Carlo, Spain, Greece, and Germany. Other noteworthy performances include appearances with David Williams, Jonathan Moffett, Joey Heredia, Eddie Miller, Rex Salas, Charlie Peterson, Duane Benjamin, Antonio Vargas, Curro Fernandez, Luis Peña, Antonio Cortez “Chiquitete”, Domingo Ortega, Jorge Trasante (Gypsy Kings), Victor Villena (Gotan Project), La Tania, Ester Ponse, Cristobal Osorio, Juan Trivino, Omayra Amaya, Joaquin Encinias, Juan Antonio Suarez “Canito”, Jesus Montoya, Susana di Palma “Zorongo Flamenco”, and Yaelisa’s Camino Flamenco among others.