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Parisa Parnian

About this Artist

Parisa Parnian is an Iranian-American multi-disciplinary visual artist, creative director and culinary personality who is passionate about sharing her love of food, art and storytelling with the world. With a background in fashion design, illustration and performance art and a keen eye for detail, Parisa is skilled at creating intricate and beautiful works of art that showcase the beauty and complexity of cultural fluidity.

In addition to creative projects and collaborations she produces at Savage Muse, her radically inclusive design studio, Parisa is also the founder of Savage Taste, an online community/platform that celebrates the richness and diversity of Persian and diasporic cultures through a range of events and products including Pérxican Spice Blend, a unique blend of spices inspired by the flavors of Persian and Mexican cuisine.

Through her art, her business, and her cultural endeavors, Parisa is dedicated to promoting understanding and appreciation for the rich cultural traditions of her homeland and sharing them with a global audience. Whether through her art, her cooking, or her community building efforts, Parisa is a true ambassador for cultural fluidity and a vibrant and influential voice in the global art and food communities.

Food/Culture IG: @savage_taste

Design Studio IG: @savagemuse