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Sylvain Levacher

About this Artist

As a videographer in the world of opera for more than 30 years, Sylvain Levacher (video operator) has participated in the creation of many shows. He has spent most of his career at the Opéra National de Paris.

From a simple technician, he evolved towards the world of complex shows using new video technologies. His work always takes place live, producing a unique and different rendering every night. He has participated in many projects where he oversaw and managed video programming, mixing, and broadcasting.

He was also responsible for the video recordings of the shows at the Bastille Opera House. These recordings took place in multi‐camera and were intended for TV channels to feed the audiovisual press extracts.
He currently manages the technical implementation of the video VOD platform of the Paris Opera as well as the video production department for TV and cinema recordings and broadcasting.