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About this Artist

Goldensuns offers a hazy soundscape that is at once nostalgic and new. The band is a brotherhood, quite literally. Made up of the Meier brothers, Chase (vocals/bass), Jantzen (guitar), and Weston (drums), Goldensuns blends together classic rock with new wave elements while evading association to just one genre. 

While the band is considered the definitive sound of the Golden State, they maintain a steadfast allegiance to their Salt Lake, Utah roots. The single “I Feel This Place” from their Give It Up EP was featured in a Billabong ad campaign, tying the band to that enigmatic feeling of summer days gone by. This is even more pronounced when you hone in on its vocals, harkening The Beach Boys—the other brotherhood still looming large in California’s memory. However, a closer listen to their tracks will find you drifting between a dreamscape and the hot pavement of the city. Songs like “Give It Up” evoke that all-too-familiar feeling of something you just can’t put your finger on. 

Set to release their next EP in the summer of 2022, the band’s unified growth shows in their ability to unravel the art of feel-good music as complicated, ranging in depth and really satisfying to the listener.