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Jahnesa Orozco-Garcia

About this Artist

Jahnesa Orozco-Garcia (b. 2004) is a senior at Vaughn International Studies Academy. She began her musical journey at age 11 when she picked up the violin and fell in love with the instrument. Over time, Jahnesa joined the Kadima Conservatory of Music Ensemble and was taken under the guidance of her now-private instructor, Eric KM Clark. Under this guidance, she found a passion in composing music. She enrolled in the 2020/21 Brightwork High School Composer Initiative Program. Through these two experiences, Jahnesa produced three pieces: Standing United, Textures, and Modern Day: A Little Dance. Both Standing United and Textures were written for string quartet and were performed by musicians of the Kadima Conservatory of Music. Her latest piece, Modern Day: A Little Dance, a duet for cello and violin, was performed by Brightwork musicians Margaret Parkins and Shalini Vijayan. In her free time, Jahnesa enjoys baking, hanging out with her family and friends, and taking part in an Aztec dance group. Jahnesa is a 2021/22 fellow in the LA Phil Composer Fellowship program.