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Photo credit © Julien Benhamou OnP

Hannah O'Neill

About this Artist

Hannah O’Neill is a member of the Paris Opera Ballet who has attained the dance company’s Première danseuse rank. 

1998 to 2007  
O’Neill attends the Kishibe Ballet Studio in Tokyo. 

She begins study at the Australian Ballet School. The following year, she represents the school at the Prix de Lausanne, where she wins first place. 

She joins the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet.  
O’Neill wins the Prix du Cercle Carpeaux as well as a silver medal at the Varna International Ballet Competition. 

She is named to the position of Sujet and receives the Paris Opera Ballet’s AROP Dance Prize.  

She becomes a Première danseuse and is named best female dancer at the Benois de la Danse competition in Moscow.