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Photo credit © Matthew Brookes OnP

Laura Hecquet

About this Artist

Following the performance of Swan Lake (Nureyev), in which she danced Odette/Odile for the first time, Laura Hecquet was named Étoile of the Paris Opera Ballet in March 2015.  
Since then, she has added to her repertoire Theme and Variations and Mozartiana (Balanchine), Tatiana in Onegin (Cranko), L’Anatomie de la sensation (McGregor), Nikiya in La Bayadère (Nureyev), The Seasons’ Canon (Pite), Opus 19/The Dreamer (Robbins), and Polyphonia (Wheeldon). 

Principal creations and repertoire entries at the Paris Opera: 
Pas de deux en blanc from Proust ou les intermittences du cœur (Petit, 2007), Alea Sands (McGregor, 2015), The Goldberg Variations (Robbins, 2016), Seven Sonatas (Ratmansky, 2016), Duo Concertant and Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet (Balanchine, 2016). 

Hecquet enters the Paris Opera Ballet School after being awarded a CNR de Paris first prize.  

She joins the Corps de Ballet at age 18.  

She is named Coryphée. 

Hecquet is promoted to Sujet. She wins the Paris Opera Ballet’s AROP Dance Prize and the Prix du Cercle Carpeaux. 

She is named Première danseuse.