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YOLA National Chamber Orchestra 2022

About this Artist

Chamber Orchestra


Maienna Andersson, Boston String Academy
Richard Celiceo, Lucy Moses School (LMS)
Lisa Chen, Kids 4 Harmony
Angelo Del Oro, South Strings Program
Gisele Francisco, Boston String Academy
Omarali Fuertebances, Harmony Project Phoenix
Sofia Gee, KidZNotes
Valeria Gomar, Intempo organization.
Nelly Gonzalez, TX Symphony Ballet
Brenda Hernandez, Harmony Project Phoenix
Carlos Hernandez, Harmony Project Phoenix
Abigail Hua, Harmony Program
Camila Martinez Gonzalez, Boston String Academy
Sophia Oliveira, Boston String Academy
Gabriela Orozco Mora, South String Program
Chloe Park, Soundscapes Inc.
Evan Quan, South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra
Antonella Sarria, Miami Music Project
Isabella Sarria, Miami Music Project
Giulliana Scaramazza Olmos, South Strings Program
Nicole Situ, Boston String Academy
Dylan Tran, YOLA at Torres
Jasmine Yang, Riverside Arts Academy



Denisse Arriola Ramirez, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Jasmine Cabello, Intempo
Moriah Abby Cambronero, BYSO Intensive Community Program
Aniyah Crawford, OCSA Middle School Orchestra
Josephine Duguid, Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
Bonnie Mai, Boston String Academy
Hillary Parada-Melgar, YOLA at EXPO
Lainie Stautberg, The School for Creative and Performing Arts Chamber Orchestra
Paula Morales, South Strings Program


Cassia Campos, Play On, Philly!
Ana Chirinos, Koart Academy
Justin Kang, Rosie's House
Israel Kim, SOUNDS Academy
CJ Klinman, Boston String Academy
Noah Liu, Boston String Academy
Jun-hyeok Moon, Sounds Academy
Jayden Thrasher, Music for Youth in Cincinnati (MYCincinnati)
Lorenzo Ye, Project STEP


Malakai James, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Sovereign Julian, Opportunity Music Project
Julien Roberson, New England Conservatory
Rudy Santos, YOLA at HOLA


Sophie Chen, Manhattan School of Music Precollege
Clarissa Lalin, YOLA at HOLA
Imani Shields, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Emory Small, BRAVO Youth Orchestras


Ayde Diaz, YOLA at Torres
Vanessa Ruiz, YOLA at EXPO
Giovanni Sanchez, BYSO Intensive Community Program


Eduardo Bustillos, Youth Enlightenment System
Surya Krishnan, Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
Zakyya McClenny, Play On, Philly!
Yunshu Zhang, Riverside Arts Academy


Elijah Ringle, The People's Music School, Youth Orchestras
Anthony Villa-Amaro, YOLA at HOLA


Owen Giddings, La Colina Junior High School Advanced Band
Jazelle Parke, Play On, Philly!
Jacobo Sion, Juarez Harmony Project
Lilian Walker, Pasadena Conservatory of Music


Ajay Cullen, Juilliard Music Advancement Program (MAP)
William Deibert, BRAVO Youth Orchestras
Alma Perez Diaz, Youth Enlightenment System


Mya Hill, Play On, Philly!
Miguel Sandoval, Youth enlightenment system (YES)

Bass Trombone:

Ezequiel Sanchez, BYSO Intensive Community Program


Keith Holmes, Play On, Philly!


Sebastian Chang, Union City Music Project (UCMP)
Maximo Palomino, YOLA at Torres
Emma Thompson-Boone-Chubb, Play On, Philly!


Cristina Montes Mateo


Melisandra Dunker, Head Librarian
Caroline Boyce, Assistant Librarian


Hilary Jones, Flute
Andres Mendoza, Oboe
Berginald Rash, Clarinet
Mateen Milan, Bassoon
Corbin Castro, French Horn
David Costello, Trumpet
Angel Subero, Trombone
Taylor Lents, Percussion
Mellasenah Edwards, Violin
Tiffany Rice, Violin
Robin Faye-Massie, Viola
Terrence Thornhill, Cello
Chantal Incandela, Bass