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About this Artist

ASADI is a Persian American electronic music producer & performance artist from Columbus, Ohio. He is known for his rare Middle Eastern influence and impressive performance ability. In the studio, his knowledge in the land of Persian composition uniquely activates a sense of timelessness that the world can resonate with, and his instruments play a strong role in illustrating such emotion. They include the Persian setar, Persian tar, Persian daf, and Italian mandolin. He brings these delicate sounds to life when performed with his drum machine, in which he effortlessly triggers his entire rhythm section completely live on 16 electronic pads. ASADI’s artistry derived from a lifetime passion for writing songs, which began when studying piano at the age of five. In high school, his parents gave him a drum pad and some Persian instruments. This began the 10-year voyage to whom he is today. From his diligent hustle on social media, from a thousand hours of perfecting his craft live, and from the constant desire to create truly extraordinary music, a precious, diehard following has inevitably grown to represent the sound of ASADI worldwide.