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Katzù Oso

About this Artist

Katzù Oso is a Latinx artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Under the moniker Katzù Oso, Paul Hernandez blends indie bedroom-pop with new age 80’s nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from artists like HOMESHAKE, Tame Impala, and more, Hernandez combines uptempo beats, melodic vocals and synth-filled sounds to showcase his influence of growing up on the Eastside of Los Angeles, CA. His music highlights the experience of growing up in a great metropolitan city by navigating its music while being young and brown in America.

With the majority of his music written entirely in his bedroom, Katzù Oso's career has grown rapidly since the release of his first single "Sophie" in April 2017. From playing backyard concerts in his hometown of Montebello, CA, to venues like The Roxy and Los Angeles' largest Latinx festival, Tropicalia; Hernandez is now ready to enter the next chapter by introducing his highly anticipated debut album due out Spring 2022.