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About this Artist

Neyva is an artist/musician/producer/educator from the SELA area who strives to innovate music with their eclectic sound and vision. Growing up as a self-taught musician and being fully immersing in music academia, they found themselves always desiring more and venturing out. From being in jazz band playing upright/electric bass in middle and high school, participating in high school jazz choir, studying vocal jazz in college, completing a music technology certificate at Fullerton Junior College, and studying briefly at California Institute of the Arts, they ultimately decided to trust their gut and carve their own path. Since then, they've worked with organizations such as Fem Synth Lab, Chicx's Rockerx's SELA, ONE Archives, Beats by Girlz, Women's Audio Mission, and currently with the Young Musicians Foundation. They've performed for parties such as Queer As Punk and HEAV3N, as well as venues such as The Echo, 1720, Coaxial Arts, Junior High, and more. They are also the creator of the annual party/concert experience, Kikínceañera, which is currently going three years strong. They strive to continue innovating music by cultivating their own community, being an insightful and kind educator, living their truth, amplifying marginalized voices, and being an exemplary figure in showing that you can cultivate anything that you desire by simply just doing it and following your heart no matter what.