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Vafa Samiei

About this Artist

Vafa Samiei is an award-winning Iranian American musician with experience in both concert and media composition as well as performance and music production. Samiei was born and raised in the city of Shiraz, an Iranian cultural epicenter of mysticism, arts, and poetry. He began playing the piano at age 6 and has since added many instruments to his repertoire including guitar, flute, Persian tombak, Persian taar, and the Armenian duduk.

Samiei immigrated to the United States when he was 17 and has continued his studies at California State University Northridge. Samiei has studied piano under professional musicians such as Steven Grey and Mike Garson and is currently studying composition with Patrick Omalley.

With his early, formative years spent growing up in southern Iran and his experience as a recent immigrant to the United States, Samiei has incorporates unique elements of both cultures.

Samiei believes that every project is a living opportunity for all of us to be of service to something much greater than ourselves.