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The ReCollective Orchestra

About this Artist

The ReCollective Orchestra was founded in 2018 by composer Matt Jones and contractor/violinist Stephanie Matthews to raise the visibility of black classical musicians and champion the work of black artists. The ensemble seeks to challenge the traditional American orchestra through its celebration of black music, art, culture and collaboration.

Inspired by the iconic Marvel superhero, Black Panther, Matt Jones joined forces with Stephanie Matthews in 2018 to re-imagine the film’s title track, “All The Stars”. Upon realizing that the majority of the orchestra musicians who were hired to score Black Panther represented the status quo in classical music, they decided to bring together a collective of musicians that would create a sonically and visually powerful statement: WE ARE HERE.

The ReCollective Orchestra’s unique sound and artistic approach has garnered international attention and has allowed them to collaborate across various genres. In 2019, Hans Zimmer invited the ReCollective Orchestra to record the original motion picture soundtrack for the remake of Disney’s The Lion King. Other recent collaborators include top artists like John Legend, Adele, and Chance The Rapper.

The creative vision of the ensemble’s founders and musicians gives the ReCollective Orchestra an opportunity to explore music as a truly universal language, engaging diverse audiences through culturally relevant programming and providing access to classical music through a non-traditional perspective.