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Raiz Brazil Dance Company

About this Artist

Raiz Brazil Dance Company had its debut in February 2008 at the Sambala Carnival Ball at the Vault 350 in Long Beach by its founder Jonia McClenney.

Jonia is from Brazil and she wanted to make art and entertainment come together exploring the Brazilian rhythms like samba, axe, samba-reggae, frevo in its authentic form and also fusing them with other traditional dance techniques like ballet, jazz, modern, and hip-hop.

We bring authentic, fun, sexy and classy entertainment, fascinating the audiences with the culture and art behind the glitter, feathers and sultry moves. Raiz Brazil has performed in different Events in California and in different states/cities in the US, like Private Parties, Restaurants, Casinos, Clubs, events like Bolivian Carnaval Crucena, Brazilian Carnival Ball in San Diego with Brazilian Productions, Santa Barbara Brazilian Carnival produced by Soul Brasil Magazine, a Circus Show for 6 weeks in Northern California called “Circo Brazil Show” brought by Bill Brown Productions. In Casinos and Hotels in Las Vegas and Reno like the “Four Seasons in Las Vegas”, “Atlantis Casino in Reno”, “Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno”. In 2012 Raiz Brazil Dance Company performed in 7 different Macy's Stores in the Los Angeles area, and in the same year Raiz Brazil Dancers performed with Ozomatli Band in the “Playboy Jazz Festival 2012” at the Hollywood Bowl.

Raiz Brazil has performed internationally in Bangkok/ Thailand and in the Carnaval en Ensenada/Mexico brought by Brazilian Productions, also in Hunan/China at the “Changsha International Arts Festival”, and the biggest international performance yet, being a headliner for the biggest Russian Street Theatre Festival in Arkhangelsk, north of Russia in June 2016!!

During the World Cup 2014 Raiz Brazil did also many performances for Budlight in many events in Los Angeles, as well appearances on TV, “Brazilian Summer Festival” with Brazilian Nites at the Ford Amphitheater.

Raiz Brazil also performed with Sergio Mendes at the Hollywood celebrating the Olympics being hosted in Brazil in 2016, under direction and choreography by its Director Jönia Queen.

In some events/parties we get audience participation as well, getting the party goers the festive feeling of the carnival, making them have an unforgettable and exciting Brazilian experience!