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Felix Brenner


About this Artist

Born, raised, and music-educated in Hollywood, FELIX BRENNER's musical palette is built on local roots. He grew up listening to Mozart, The Beatles, Scott Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Beastie Boys. His musical pursuits, beginning with piano at age 6, reflect his diverse taste and influences, and his comprehensive expertise has enabled him to accomplish many musical pursuits, including composing, producing, and sound mixing. As an engineer he has worked with artists including The Shins, Shelby Lynne, Sean Lennon, Air Supply, The Warlocks, Concrete Blonde, STEFY, and Harry Dean Stanton. As a musician, his instruments of choice include piano, classical guitar, clarinet, percussion and the wide array of electronic instruments available today. And as an artist dedicated to musical exploration, he has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, US and Canada.

Last year, Brenner composed the score to the short film, The Death of Salvador Dali. Inspired by Dali's devilish Spanish heritage and flamboyant Parisian lifestyle, Brenner created the musical backdrop for the award-winning film, which is a delicious blend of Latin, classical and electronic music orchestrated for piano, guitar, woodwinds and strings.

While composing the score, Brenner traveled to Cuba, Mexico, and Central and South America, an enlightening experience that inspired him not only in composing the score, but with the help and inspiration of music and entertainment guru, Ahin Savara, he also sketched out his premier symphony. Based on themes from the Dali score, Brenner's Symphony No. 1 will be comprised of four-movements, the first of which debuts at Walt Disney Concert Hall on March 12, 2007.

Listen to samples from The Death of Salvador Dali: Music from the Film.