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Tres Souls

About this Artist

Beloved Los Angeles trio, Tres Souls is an authentic Bolero Trio, with a female lead, holding dear to their rich Mexican Heritage.  “Through their expert musicianship and swooning vocals Tres Souls enchants audiences and transports them to a more romantic time.” (The Music Center) This multifaceted Trio Romantico represents a new generation of musical talent reviving the vintage Bolero sounds and songs  popularized during the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema.

For the last 13 years Rocio Mendoza, Roberto Carlos, and Jesus Martinez have captured audiences with their dynamic concerts in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. Their engaging performances not only showcase the exceptional beauty of Boleros, but demonstrates their uncanny ability to attract diverse audiences. Multi generations of music lovers fill the aisles when the trio plays uptempo rhythmic Cumbias, syncopated Huapangos, Norteñas, and Bachatas in the same spell their bilingual renditions of popular American Standards and Bolero mashups are often an audience favorite.

Each member of the trio inherited their musical skills and knowledge of heritage music from their families and generations before them. Tres Souls maintain a genuine sound depicting the classic niche style inspired by trio romanticos from the 1940s-1960s like, Los Panchos with Eydie Gorme, Los Tres Reyes, and Los Tres Ases.  They skillfully infuse their own unique approach to each song in their repertoire, while interspersing musical influences that can be heard echoing throughout the diaspora of Los Angeles.

Recent concerts include: Detroit Institute of Art, San Francisco Jazz, Kuumbwa Jazz-S.C., CA. Latino Arts Inc.-Milwaukee WI.  Next year they will be performing in Chicago at the Symphony Center!