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Michaé De La Cuadra

About this Artist

Michaé (they/she) is a genderless being that is working toward financial, social, and political liberation for the many communities she is a part of. Currently, Michaé is working with the TransLatin@ Coalition as the Manager of Policy and Community Engagement, where she is helping to increase the political presence of trans folx of color and working toward accountability from political systems through trans-inclusive legislation. She has worked on issues related to sex work decriminalization, trans detention and incarceration, housing for trans women, healthcare access, and much more. They believe it is their responsibility to uplift the real experiences of the trans community, not just what is glamorized. In becoming more fluent in the policy process, she brings information about the system back to her community and works to improve conditions for future generations of Black, Brown, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans people.  

IG and Twitter: @_singenero