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Fatima Malika Shabazz

About this Artist

Fatima Malik Shabazz, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is a long time resident of Los Angeles and the CEO/President of Fatima Speaks LLC: a Transgender-led, African American-owned-and-operated business that conducts cultural sensitivity/competency trainings as well as panel and motivational speaking engagements.
Shabazz is an activist and advocate for the rights of the LGBTQ+ population as well as a social justice advocate, and as a formerly system-impacted individual is a staunch proponent of prison reform as well as political and justice reform.

Shabazz is a member of several advocate/activist organizations locally and nationally, including All of Us or None, The Unique Women's Coalition, Time Done, Black and Pink Leadership National Council, and Black and Pink Los Angeles Chapter. Shabazz is also involved as a member of the Advisory Board for Prison Health News based in Philadelphia and remains active in various organizations in and outside the state of California.

Shabazz has a clear and precise focus on creating safer and more inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community as well as creating stronger social justice reform policies and policy advocacy that will make life better for communities directly and sometimes adversely impacted by these policies, which include but are not limited to prison reform and women's reproductive health policies, hate crime laws, and school bullying.