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Chloe Elise Villamayor

About this Artist

Chloe Elise Villamayor is a 17-year-old senior at The Buckley School who believes that music is not only a reflection of the world but a tool to heal those within it. A violinist since 2012, Chloe’s musical journey began in youth orchestras such as the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Orchestras and California All-State ensembles. In the CAP Music at CalArts program, she began to indulge in her curiosity in other sound worlds by dabbling in scenes beyond her classical violin roots. In 2019, she co-founded math-rock band, Alive.Multicolored as the vocalist. Later, Chloe fell head-first into composing and participated in the Luna Lab with LACO fellowship program and the Curtis Youth Arts Summer Program in 2020. When she isn’t manipulating sound into stories, Chloe enjoys creative writing, drawing, painting, and appreciating art. Chloe is a 2020/21 fellow in the LA Phil Composer Fellowship Program.