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Tommy The Clown

About this Artist

For over 28 years, dancer Thomas Johnson, a.k.a. Tommy the Clown, has been in the community working with inner city youth. Known as the creator of the “Clowning” style of dance that evolved into Krumping, Johnson invented the dance style in 1992 to enhance his hip-hop clown birthday party acts. It grew and became a movement leading to local and national acclaim and performance opportunities. He has performed for numerous celebrities like Madonna, Pamela Anderson, and Snoop Dogg and achieved international acclaim as the focus of David LaChapelle’s 2015 documentary Rize.

Tommy the Clown uses his influence to give children the chance to take an interest in dancing rather than the temptations of the streets. His Dance Academy’s Cheer Team recently took First Place at the JAMZ National Competition in Las Vegas. His steadfast rules are as follows: “No gangs, no drugs, do well in school (grades, attendance, and behavior) and be a role model by living a positive lifestyle at all times.” Through his nonprofit Tommy the Clown Foundation, he is able to continue to offer positive outlets for L.A.’s inner-city youth.