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James "Skeeter Rabbit" Higgins

About this Artist

James Lee Higgins, Jr., is also known as “Skeeter”— the name his dad proudly gave him and the one that stuck. “Skeeter” soon became “Skeeter Rabbit” when he became a well-known creative dancer, part of the ORIGINAL Lockers and Robot Southern California West Coast street dance movement. Skeeter Rabbit is the name all his fans, friends, family, and Soul Train enthusiasts worldwide call him to this day. 

Skeeter, raised on the east side of South Central Los Angeles, was an original Soul Train dancer from 1972 to 1975. Skeeter’s dance history is deep-rooted, being a member of the first locking dance crew –the Original Go-Go Brothers – from 1971 until present.

Skeeter created the original step called “The Skeeter Rabbit.”  While performing with the famous Lockers, he toured West Coast colleges and did shows throughout southern California.

Skeeter served later as a law enforcement officer; despite that career path, he never put his dance shoes or his rhythm away. He has become a sought-after teacher of the street dance and culture that he helped create years ago. He travels the world as a sought-after judge, educating and teaching both the dance and the much-needed cultural connections to the social movement that inspired the dance style itself. Skeeter is adamant that people get that! He teaches on the value and purpose of true street dance history to an ever-growing world of hip-hop and street dance industry.