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José Meza

About this Artist

José Meza is a performing arts administrator born in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from being an administrator, José is an active musician in the L.A. area. By immersing himself in the performing arts, José has been able to obtain a clear perspective of its effect in an individuals life. His mission is to explore and share the gift of performing arts with as many people as possible. 

Currently José is the program manager for the YOLA at EXPO site, a program of 300 students and 17 teaching artists. The EXPO program is a partnership between Harmony Project, the LA Phil, EXPO Center, and the City of L.A. Department of Recreation & Parks. The program includes three orchestras, group classes, chamber music, mentorship, parent and family engagement, student and family wellness services, and student leadership.  

In alignment with his mission, José is president of The Sunday Night Singers, a community chorus based in Palmdale, CA. The Sunday Night Singers is composed of a 24-voice chamber ensemble and a 65-voice chorale. During his time as president, José has established the group as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, created season-based programming, built a financial plan, created local partnerships, and helped with the artistic vision of the group.  

José has a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance and, in 2019, received a Master’s degree in music industry administration from California State University, Northridge.